• Non-skid socks

    Non-skid socks

    We've combined the feel of your most luxurious cozy socks with the sure footed confidence you get from your best pair of slipper to create this marvelous pair of non-skid socks.

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  • Men's Terry Slippers

    Men's Terry Slippers

    Casual terry slippers for light-weight comfort! Non-skid soles. Soft, super absorbent terry-cloth. Assorted colors. Sizes S-XL

    As low as $8.50
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  • Men's Leather Velcro closure sneaker LTV0 Care Apparel Industries

    Leather Velcro Sneakers (Men's)

    Leather Velcro Sneakers (Men's) Nothing compares to our all Leather sneakers with padded collar and tongue, two piece sole construction, rubber outsole, cushioned insole, multi-surface non-marking sole. Double row Velcro closure makes dressing a breeze...

    As low as $29.00
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  • Ladies Jogging Sneakers 3170 Care Apparel Industries

    Ladies Jogging Sneakers

    Ladies Jogging Sneakers A wardrobe of casual footwear would not be complete without sneakers. Classy Ladies Jogging Sneakers designed for comfort. Fully cushioned sides and back. Velcro closure for those who have trouble with laces. Double...

    As low as $19.00
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  • Men's Jogging Sneakers 9160 Care Apparel Industries

    Men's Jogging Sneakers

    Men's Jogging Sneakers A wardrobe of casual footwear would not be complete without sneakers. Our Velcro jogging shoe is designed with extra cushioning under the heel and around the ankles. Double Velcro closure makes them so easy to get...

    As low as $19.00
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  • Pulman Comfort Boot

    Pulman Comfort Boot

    Pulman Shoes are designed for both men and women. They are strong enough for the street and as comfortable as house slippers. Perfect for adult patients at home or in chronic care facilities. An ingenious hidden feature makes Pulman International Shoes...

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  • Pulman Extra Deep Sandal

    Pulman Extra Deep Sandal

    The new Pulman Extra Deep Sandal offers the best features of style, comfort and accommodation in a lightweight sandal. Made from the same high-quality velourmaterial as the other Pulman Shoes, the Extra Deep Sandal is also machine washable. This soft...

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  • Diabetic Crew Socks

    Diabetic Crew Socks Non-Binding, Loose-fitting top allows for optimal circulatory flow. Ideal for those with Diabetes, Edema, Circulatory problems and swollen feet. Full cushion lining with heel and toe support for pressure relief and maximum foot...

    As low as $9.95
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  • Slipper Socks

    Slipper Socks

    New warm and soft fully cushioned slipper sox. Skid proof sole-above ankle height. Machine washable. Poly/cotton knit. Sizes S-XL

    As low as $6.00
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