Men's Adaptive

  • Non-skid socks

    Non-skid socks

    We've combined the feel of your most luxurious cozy socks with the sure footed confidence you get from your best pair of slipper to create this marvelous pair of non-skid socks.

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  • Winter Wheelchair Poncho
Black, Navy, Forest, Pink

    Wheelchair Winter Poncho

    Wheelchair Winter Poncho PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR WHEELCHAIR! Perfect solution for when you have to face the elements in your wheelchair and don't want to struggle with a standard poncho or coat. Easy to slip on and off, and a convenient and easy way...

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  • Reusable Incontinence Brief

    Our CareActive reusable incontinence briefs look and feel like regular briefs thanks to a fully functioning fly. No disposable pad required, because the protection is built in. A multilayer protection system, provides dignity and comfort, moisture...

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  • Wheelchair Summer Poncho

    Wheelchair Rain Poncho PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR WHEELCHAIR! Perfect solution for when you need to face unpleasant weather conditions while in your wheelchair and avoiding the hassle of struggling with a regular poncho or coat. Easy to slip...

    As low as $49.95
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  • "Anti-Stripper" Jumpsuit, Poly/Cotton Twill Jumpsuit

    "Anti-Stripper" Jumpsuit, Poly/Cotton Twill Jumpsuit

    Short sleeve coveralls styled with reinforced neckline. Garment to close in back with heavy duty brass zipper that opens by raising and closes by lowering. Closed zipper position places zipper pull in small pocket at base of zipper that is difficult for...

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  • Slacks, Self-closing Velcro fly

    Slacks, Self-closing Velcro fly

    Our full elastic waistband with a self-closing Velcro fly offers the ultimate in convenience for those with limited hand mobility. Available in assorted solid colors, these pants enable the people you care for to maintain their dignity while dressing in...

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  • Open back Shirt, Short Sleeve, open-back

    Open back Shirt, Short Sleeve, open-back

    Identical good looks, construction and quality of our jersey knit short sleeve sport shirt, but with CARE APPAREL’s easy dressing full overlap open back design. Available in solids colors.

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  • After-Bath Cover-up, White only

    After-Bath Cover-up, White only-Terry

    After Bath Cover-up Robe Fashioned from the same rich 11 oz. terrycloth as our robes, we think our "cover-up robes" are perfect for people requiring wheelchairs. In fact, a single motion is all that's required to cover and dry at the same time. No more...

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  • Side-Snap Slacks

    Side-Snap Slacks

    For the incontinent or hard to dress, we offer these carefully stitched side-snap pants. Changing is a breeze, since the snaps enable easy drop-seat access. We allow for a diaper by adding extra room to the seat, and the wheelchair bound will appreciate...

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  • Men's Jogging Sneakers 9160 Care Apparel Industries

    Men's Jogging Sneakers

    Men's Jogging Sneakers A wardrobe of casual footwear would not be complete without sneakers. Our Velcro jogging shoe is designed with extra cushioning under the heel and around the ankles. Double Velcro closure makes them so easy to get...

    As low as $19.00
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  • Slacks, Elastic Back

    Slacks, Elastic Back

    Comfort starts with a back elastic waistband plus belt loops, pleated front, and sportswear twill fabric that always feels soft and “broken in”. Other features: Deep pockets, rip-resistant seat and side-seam, and a super-strong brass zipper and snap...

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  • Open Back T-Shirt. White only.

    Open Back T-Shirt. White only.

    Open Back Undershirts are made of incredibly soft poly cotton jersey. Full back-overlap opening with snap closures for easy dressing and unmatched comfort.

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